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Advanced Research

NEOVITA has been devoting itself successfully for more than 45 years to the intensive research of health conscious, salutogenic hair and skin-care products, absolutely fee of any preservatives.

The NEOVITA laboratories for research and the institute for Applied Cosmetic-Sciences have outstanding expertise in the development of highly compatible cosmetic products.



Significant milestones in the development are:

The introduction of  styling mousse in the early 1970‘s
The development of the massage-mousse NEOFLOW, which is so compatible that it is medically even prescribed to massage therapists with skin problems
The development of the skin-protective system „MANUSystem” with proven high efficiency
The invention, patenting and scientific confirmation of the SINGER-PROCEDURE for the production of products free of any preservatives
The introduction of the Mousse-Carrier-System for the highly effective increase of effects of NEOVITA products
The introduction of the  NEOVITA COSMETIC series exclusively for high-grade cosmetic institutes and SPAs

Research activities have been published in several renowned professional magazines and scientific publications.